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Creating Volunteers, an easy reference workbook The book 'Creating Volunteers' by Manuel Perez is an excellent guide with tips and strategies for those who would like to develop and maintain volunteers. Manuel suggests that volunteering is the voluntary action undertaken without payment or promise of payment (for the group, community, or individual); it is an altruistic activity. The book is easy to read; it provides a brief history on voluntarism, the essential elements to find, create and maintain the voluntary network you need. Also, Manuel explains the process of  'killing' an organization based on volunteers.

Highly recommended!                Niki Lambropoulos, PhD 

Bike NY 2003 -2010

             BikeNY 2006

Creando Voluntarios, and other books        Ateneo Chorus in Caracas, 1998          

Choral Groups, After School Clubs, Publications, Music, Computers, Internet, Funding (Development), Organizing...

The Wood-Heights Democratic Club Manny meeting Bill Thompson, candidate for NYC Mayor

These, and more, are opportunitie for each of us to help. 

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